Thursday, October 14, 2010

Margo's Favorite Five!

Margo selected her top 5 bridal gowns paired with the perfect bridesmaid dresses! Take a look at these gorgeous gowns!

Platinum style PL358

If you want to be a sophisticated princess then this is the dress for you! I love, love the powerful fabric detail on the side! SO stylish! Again, if you're going formal and want to accessorize with lots of bling, you should definitely check out this gown!

Melissa Sweet style MS410

This dress looks equally formal and equally sexy!


Platinum style PL353

I LOVE this dress! It reminds me of my own bridal gown! I love how it's super formal, super sexy, and super unique!! If it reminds me of my dress...need I say more? :)

Melissa Sweet style MS117

This style looks equally formal and equally sexy!


Priscilla of Boston style 4506
This dress is uber sexy! I love the fit and both the front and back necklines. So dramatic! Perfect if you want the traditional feel with a twist.

Priscilla of Boston style PB321
Perfect silhouette to go with this bridal gown, yet it doesn't over power!


Melissa Sweet style Minnie

If your going to be out on the town in Vegas and decide to get married...this is your dress!! I love the personality and of course, how short it is! The most sophisticated "Minnie" bridal gown out there!

Melissa Sweet style PB217

The little ruffle detail on this dress looks great with "Minnie", but doesn't take away from it!

Melissa Sweet style Talita

This dress is SO dreamy! I love the rouching across the natural waist. It hits every girl at the perfect place! I love the flow, the silhouette and the softness this dress exudes! If you're going for that romantic simplicity- you'll love this gown!

Priscilla of Boston style PB425

This dress couldn't go better with Talita. A perfect match!


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