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A Note from Jeanne Boggs

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for your note.  I just loved working with all of the staff at Priscilla of Boston in Cherry Creek.  My experience was over the top and it was amazing to have so many people work so hard to help me look my best on my wedding day.  My wrap was beautiful and I have received so many compliments on it the day of the wedding from all of my guests.  I have some pictures that I would love to share with you all.

Thank you to all the staff at the store - you all are amazing!!


Thank you Jeanne, it was such a pleasure working with you! :)


  1. I started looking for a Wedding Gown almost immediately after becoming engaged. I really felt that the Wedding Gown would much of the style and inspiration for the rest of the wedding day details. I had heard wonderful things about Priscilla of Boston but I wanted to explore all of my options first. Lucky for you, I decided to save Priscilla of Boston for last and went to every other Bridal shop in the Denver Metro area first. Take my advice, skip the others and head strait for Priscilla.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are beautiful dresses and great Bridal shops in Denver, however none of them gave me what I received at Priscilla. You see, I happen to be one of those typical brides that dreamed of planning a wedding since I was a small child. Naturally, when I finally got engaged I was so excited to dive into all the wedding planning details. Unfortunately, what I found was that I seemed to be the only person excited for this milestone in my life, until that is I went to Priscilla of Boston.

    After weeks of looking and dealing with unenthusiastic consultants in stores all over town, I finally called Priscilla of Boston. When I arrived for my appointment I was excitedly greeted by Margo. Before we even got started Margo gave my sister, mom and I a glass of champagne to help us celebrate this important part of my life, finally someone was excited to help me dive into these wedding details. Margo asked me more than the general questions I had been asked everywhere else. Margo wanted to talk about colors and styles but she also wanted to know how I wanted my husband to think I looked and how I wanted to feel in my wedding gown. Margo also took the time to make sure she understood the answers I was giving her, if I told her I wanted to look glamorous, she asked me to show her what glamorous looked like to me. In addition to talking about the gown Margo asked me about my budget. Margo explained all of Priscilla of Boston’s payment and financing options so I had a very clear understanding of what my options were. Once Margo had a clear idea of what I wanted she pulled six of seven gowns, each gown was in my price range and I liked all of the choices she gave me. I knew she really had an understanding of what I wanted. Within an hour I had selected a Melissa Sweet gown, it was perfect! For the first time since becoming engaged I left feeling excited, Priscilla of Boston gave me the exact experience I had been dreaming about since I was a little girl.

    My experience with Priscilla of Boston never disappointed me. Every interaction I had with them was pleasant and I always left feeling confidant that I made the right choice. Everyone I interacted with was friendly and always excited to help me in any way they could. I never had a question unanswered or a request denied. I worked with Antoinette for my alterations and she did a BEAUTIFUL job, not one detail was overlooked. The dress so was absolutely stunning and fit me perfectly.

    I am so grateful I made the choice to work with Margo and the rest of the team at Priscilla of Boston. They truly are the best in town, please learn from me and head strait to Priscilla, do not waste your time looking anywhere else.

  2. I've never been a girly girl but I enjoyed every minute of being fawned over at POB in Denver.

    It was the first salon I went to and I found my dress after I had only seen three others. Before (and during) my engagement I was dead set on a lace dress with a sash - I wanted something romantic, sweet, and fitting for my location (a dude ranch in Wyoming). As I waited for Maya to bring in a few more gowns I flipped through the picture book on the table in the dressing room. Staring back at me from the pages was a beautiful, perfectly shaped cotton eyelet gown - it took my breath away.

    I asked Maya if they had it in stock, she said she thought they stopped making that style (#3054) but thought they might still have a sample in the back I could check out. I tried on a few more and Maya came back in with THE dress and a few others. I couldn't stop staring. She asked me which I'd like to try on first, like it was a real question, and I almost tore it off the hanger to get it on.

    It was perfect. Dropped waist A-line. Sweetheart neckline. Great with a sash. And oh, so detailed. I always loved eyelet fabric, but never thought it'd be my wedding dress. It was absolutely perfect.

    A few months after I ordered the dress I shopped around FOREVER looking for something appropriate for my bridesmaids. As my dress was cotton, I thought it strange they wear silk or taffeta - leaving me with limited options. I also wanted them to be affordable, be just the right shade of yellow, and be cotton as well. That left like two choices and with Maya helping me along the way and getting a discount on other gowns through purchasing mine there, it all worked out.

    All the girls ended up getting a different style, all of which perfectly complimented their figures and their personalities. They were so beautiful on the wedding day - it just made me smile to have such a great team around me.

    A college roommate of mine just purchased her gown at POB Denver as well - showing that this is THE place in Colorado to go for your wedding.

    I would definitely recommend working with Maya and the rest of the team at POB Denver. They were so sweet and funny and made the whole process a breeze.

    Happy Hunting and Congratulations future brides!

  3. As much as I thought I was the atypical bride, I wanted to elope when I got engaged, I was a total tomboy when I was a little girl, I didn't want a big wedding and I couldn't believe how much money could be spend on a wedding dress!

    I had looked through countless sites, magazines and just felt extremely overwhelmed. I did go to a couple shops in town to look at dresses and felt like I was getting everything I didn't want, long trains, lace and really over decorated, which was not me!

    I can't say that when I went in to Priscilla I wasn't a little scared about what I was going to get. From their site I had really like some of the dresses that were a little more simplistic and less overwhelming. When I met Maya, she was awesome!

    Maya knew I was fearful of the "girlie" bridal thing. She really listened to what I wanted, listened to my fears about the price range and we picked out dresses from there.

    Everything was what I thought was more "simple". Maya was really great and bringing in suggestions and ideas of what she thought looked great on me because I really had not clue. Honestly I think as brides we come in having one vision and it isn't always what will look best on us. Maya had the knowledge to help with that.

    Every dress that Maya picked out was great and we were able to narrow down the features of what I liked and didn't like. I really didn't like the trains and a dropped waist made me look like I had a waist :) as I am very straight. My mom actually picked out a dress that was a POB based on a lot of things we were liking. Maya was great b/c she pointed out that the dress was more than what I wanted to look at and which I thought was awesome. She wasn't trying to make me go out of my intended budget, I really appreciated that.

    I agreed to try on the dress because my mom picked it out and when Maya and I walked out to the mirrors where my mom and sister were, everyone was speechless including me. They say that you know when you try on the dress that it is the one, and they were right.

    The POB 4210 was perfect! I actually felt like a bride. The dress was worth every penny :) and I found some adorable Kate Spade shoes to wear with it. For not being a girlie girl, Maya made me feel the way every bride should feel and that was special.

    Without a doubt, it was above and beyond the experience I expected. Maya was amazing to work with and I was actually sad she wasn't there for my final fitting with Antoinette, but she helped get me there!

    Thank you Maya and POB Denver! Your staff is wonderful and I would recommend every bride try the experience you all have to offer!